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shayne kennedy


Every plot can be reduced to one sentence: A stranger comes to town. Who that stranger is, where she comes from and what kind of accommodations the existing community is prepared to make upon her arrival are all important details, but human nature is most thoroughly exposed when we examine how we respond to the new, to the unknown, and to change.


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Shayne Kennedy is a Chicago area playwright whose work has been produced in her hometown, as well as in parts around the Midwest. Her play "Agreed Upon Fictions" premiered at 16th Street Theatre in the fall of 2014 and enjoyed an extended, Jeff-Recommended run. Her short play "Blood Harmony" premiered in Omaha, Nebraska in 2015 and was nominated for a TAG Award for Best New Work. Shayne works as an Audio Describer at cultural venues around Chicago. She is the mother of three, and a knitter, and sings in two bands.


audio description

Shayne has been an audio describer since 2006 when she trained with Joel Snyder, PhD, of Audio Description Associates, in preparation for the Bodies of Work Festival in Chicago, an arts festival that focuses on disability arts and culture. She has provided description services at venues such as Steppenwolf Theatre, Strawdog Theatre, Victory Gardens Theater, The Chicago Cultural Center, Beverly Arts Center, The Theatre School at DePaul University, Oracle Theatre, and the Hinsdale Center for the Arts. Recently, she described the rally preceding the Women’s March on Chicago on January 21, 2017.

Regardless of the setting, Shayne has a clear empathy and passion for both the subject matter she’s describing and the audience for whom she’s providing description. 

Evan Hatfield,
Steppenwolf Theatre

 Shayne is a excellent describer whose attention to detail is top notch. As a facilitator, she is delightful to have in the room and helpful in executing access performances.

Mike Mroch,
Strawdog Theatre

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