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A big year for Audio Description

The accessibility boom keeps a-booming, which is wonderful for me, and, I think, for the community at large. I had my first gig of the year at the Chicago Women's March--a little bit colder than last year, but bright and full of a wonderful energy. And this year--the city was prepared. We bested our numbers from last year, and we got to march. Dig me in my neon yellow vest and stenomask!

Over the next month, I have possibly the strangest combination of description gigs I have ever had in so short a time span. This weekend, I'm working "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" at Drury Lane Oakbrook. I ha e long held the opinion that, while I enjoy "Joseph" and have a sense of nostalgia for it, I never need to see it again. I previewed this production yesterday and was proven wrong. A total reconceptualization, it knocked me off my feet. I had a delightful afternoon. I'd tell you more, but I had to sign an NDA--no joke. If you like "Joseph," just get there.

Next week I'll be at the Merle Reskin in the south loop for DePaul's production of "Junie B. Jones is Not a Crook." I've read and previewed this as well, and it's a riot. None of my kids were into the books, but they are run-through with an non-age-dependent style of humor.

Finally, I'm doing an Ibsen adaptation, "Pillars of the Community" for Strawdog in their new space. One of my favorite companies in the city, tackling a master. Previewing tomorrow and I can't wait.

Ever grateful for the day I happened to hear a call on WBEZ for people to train as describers. I've got the coolest gig.

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