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A month in Omaha

If you went away to college, you have fond feelings for your college town. It's just how it works.

This past weekend, I arrived in Omaha to participate in the last half of the rehearsal process for the world premiere of my play "Handled," at Creighton University. Both the play and the place have a particular hold on my heart.

I get to be a Playwright in Residence, too, which means all kinds of cool stuff, some of which I get to make up myself.

I've attended two rehearsals so far. (I'm staying away tonight, as they are going off book for the first time and my presence might have caused more stress than joy.) The design and concept are gorgeous.

That's the mainstage house you see in back of the projection screen. The cast is working on a triangular platform built on the mainstage. The audience will sit on two sides of the triangle. It's been a delight, just watching these women work for two days. I can't wait to see what else the month holds.

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